One of the things that gets me about the modern world is hoe insanely complex we have made everything. Commerce, politics, sex, raising kids and even communication has been made incredibly more complex and difficult sue to the advent of technology. Take communication. It used to be that one tribe wouldn’t even meet another tribe unless the two came across eachother, in which case there would proably be some cultural exchange, some fucking and maybe even some trading that went into the whole experience, and then people lived isolated in small family groups. But people crave excitement as our brains grew more developed. They needed more stimulation than could be provided from talking to the same people over and over again. So groups got bigger. A bigger group means that the troop needs to find more food. Eventually the group reaches a size as to where it cannot forage enough food to sustain itself, When that happens agriculture and domestication take over. People plant berry bushes and care for them so that they can have a good supply of berries for the winter. Before you know it an agricultural town has sprouted up. And yet again people begin to wonder at things. More mental stimulation leads to larger brain growth over generations and more sophistication within people’s minds. Thus the need for mor einteraction between people. As people begin to interact more with one another they begin to covet what another has. As a kid, you really don’t care about a certain toy so much unless you see another person have it or having fun with it. That is what commercials play off of. You show enough people happy with a product and soon everybody wants that product or something better than it or they steal it. The most stolen product at Traget is not electronics, books or food, but cosmetics. People, especially women are told day and night that they are not complete without haveing a certain style of face through media. But I am getting ahead of myself here. Coveting takes place when someone has a desire for an object or idea ad they have no way to obtain it. Eventually, they take it. Wars are faught over resources initially and then over ideology. One ideological person covets the fact that the other person seems completely content and happy and believing in whatever it is that they believe in whether it’s religion, science or atheism. But in truth that is what the other person sees within them. Thus the coveting begins. Maybe if htey went on a holy crusade or scientific mission to bring down the others that would validate their own beliefs that people cling to so righteously. SO wars are faught. And then when the war is over htey realize that the world is just as empty and hollow and meaningless as it was before. It is hummanity that gives the world meaning, not the other way round. So eventually after war has gotten old, hatred develops, as people grow bitter over their inability to attain the highest ideals of Buddha, Christ or the American dream. And osmehow it is another group’s fault that this has happened, because we would rather destroy another person’s ideology, nation or life than admit that we have clinged to teh wrong ideology our entire lives. Individually that may actually happen, a repentance or conversion of sorts, but as a culture people still grow bitter. This is the development of the communal mind. As people share ideas then they become more homogenized and the same. Sex protocol dictates that we fornicate with people that are different than us in order to keep the gene pool deep, so we become fascinated with something that is completely different than us. Say like when a man has an Australian accent he is sexier than the same man without the accent and if he pretended to come from wherever it is that this is taking place. SO again we have the coveting between the different groups. Only this time it has completely invaded our sexuality. Fast travel by road and cahriot or auto or even airplane changes this. The ability to be anywhere in the world in a matter of hours is a powerful thing. It allowed us to fight and kill people without ever seeing it on american shores. That is why the pictures and images that come back from the war zones make it so real for us. War has become outdated and a thing of hte past. It is the threat of war that is the real communication between nations besides commerce. A nation nowadays that wants to invade another country faces economic sanctions, public denouncement and whatever else happens. I would not be totally surprised if the United STates did not declare war until it falls. And even then it will be a hollow act as it is swallowed up by whatever it is that destroys the nation. Anyways, haivng access to sex from any part of the world literally leads to mroe experimentation. You see people into all sorts of weird (to me) customs, such as bondage, fetishes, and even pain. This is to satisfy he human brain’s need for differentness. In the wild a human has to always be on his toes. A wild animal might be right around the corner to disembowel him, so he has to use his brains to compensate. A human being is in no way a match for a tiger or even a wolf in single unarmed combat to the death. to stagnate was to die. To be bored was to die because it was not stimulation enough. People that move to big cities from teh country change because their mind was opened to sp much more than they had ever thought possible. Their brains literally go on overload and attempt to assimilate into the new world.