The goal of toonaphish is to gather info on what people like in their media, and then give it back to them a thousand times better than they imagined. Networking among writers, artists, film makers and the public is essential to the goal of this organization. So that is why I am encouraging people to sign up, post and do all sorts of things in order to bring my dream of creating the world’s best media.

If you have anything you would like to contribute to the site, such as short films or stories, I will be happy to review it. If I like it (and chances are I will) I will post it to the site and list you as a contributor, either under a pseudonym or under your real name. Once it has been published to the site, it is the property of toonaphish Media, and ALL contributors (even myself) lose the rights to it.

Our List of Goals

-Have ten members on the site.

-Buy the site name

-Create a collaborative short film.

-Finish ten short stories.

-Create a rough draft of my novel (all on me folks).

-Have 100 members on the site.

-Have a book of short stories published.

-Create a bi-weekly comic.

-Start a bi-weekly web series of short stories.

-Get sponsorship/advertising so we can create higher quality stuff.

-Pay the contributors.

-Create an interactive game (video, board or card game).

-Have 1000 members on the site.

-Have ten contributors.


This is just a short list of some of the places that i plan on taking this organization. I hesitate to call it a company, mostly because it is only me contributing at all at this time. Anyways, these goals are in non-specific order and will be updated as they are accomplished. I fyou have some goals you would like to see put up on the list, please post below!


What We Need





Another short list of things that we need to get done with the site. Eventually I hope to have a physical location where we will be able to meet, discuss ideas and work. As of right now, I plan on meeting at Central Park in Davis, CA on April 30th in order to get people together. I feel it is important for people working towards goals to be in physical contact with one another. If people lose sight of our goals and eachother, the whole organization will fail.

Anyways, if you have any ideas or questions, post below!