Types of Cards
-Space Stations-4 Segments-No Attack-No Maneuverability
-Super Carriers-3 Segments-High Attack-Low Maneuverability-Launches Fighters
-Carriers———3 Segments-Medium Attack-Low Maneuverability-Launches Fighters
-Battleships—–3 Segments-High Attack-Low Maneuverability
-Cruisers——–2 Segments-Medium Attack-Medium Maneuverability
-Destroyers—–2 Segments-Medium Attack-Medium Maneuverability
-Frigates——–2 Segments-Low Attack-Medium Maneuverability
-Corvettes——1 Segment-Low Attack-High Maneuverability
-Gunboat——-1 Segment-Medium Attack-High Maneuverability
-Fighters——–1 Segment-Low Attack-Very High Maneuverability


-Fire Upgrades
-Engine Upgrades
-Hull Upgrades


-Captain-Adds and subtracts bonuses to ships stats.
-Admiral-Adds and subtracts bonuses to all ships.
-Engineer-Gives a ship technical special abilities.
-Pilots-Adds and subtracts stats to fighters.


-Fire Control


Draw Phase
-Draw a card.

Recon Phase
-A pause to activate cards, card effects and to pay costs.
-Refill your Energy

Deployment Phase
-Play Tactics, Upgrades, Ships.
-Respond to opponent’s playing Tactics cards with your own.
-Non Scout Ships cannot attack the turn they are built.
-Play abilities of Commanders and Ships.

Attack Phase
-Designation Step
Declare which of your ships will target others for attack. Opponents may play Tactics cards     during this step.

-Fire Step
Ships Fire at one another. Players roll a number of 6 sided die equal to the Fire stat of the         ship. The total of the roll is the Attack Value of the attack. Additions and subtractions due         to Commanders are applied at this time. Maneuverability value of the defender is removed         from the Attack Value. Tactics cards may not be played at this time.

-Impact Step
The Fire impacts and the Attack Value is subtracted from the Shield Value. The remaining         Attack Value is subtracted from the Hull Value of the segment of the attacked ship. The         player chooses which segment of the opponents ship takes damage first. Damage is dealt         at the same time to both ships. Ships are destroyed when they have no hull left on a         segment. Destroyed ships are placed in the Graveyard at the end of the Impact Step.

Re-Deployment Phase
-The same as the Deployment Phase, just takes place after the Attack Phase.

End of Turn Phase
-End of turn effects happen here. At the end of the End of Turn Phase the turn player discards down to 7 cards.

Game Rules

-50 cards in a deck, including, Ships, Tactics, Commanders and Upgrades.
-Unique Ships can only include one per deck.
-At the beginning of the game players decide which player goes first (die roll, rock-paper-scissors).
-Each player draws 7 cards at the beginning of the game.
-If a player controls no ships, the attacker can attack a player’s planet directly.
-A player (planet) has a hull of 200
-Factions are Terran Defense Fleet (TDF), Novan Ascendancy (NVA), Martian Rebellion (MAR), Sirian Star Empire (SSE). TDF focuses on Battleships, Cruisers and Destroyers. NVA focuses on Carriers and Fighters. MAR focuses on Frigates, Corvettes and Gunboats. SSE focuses ships classified as scouts.

Card Abilitites

Faction Abilities
-TDF has special ability Broadside. Player has the choice to halve the number of dice he or she rolls but doubles the amount on each die rolled.
-NVA has special ability Swarm. Carirers may not attack but place an extra fighter into play each turn.
-MAR has special ability Combine. When a ship is destroyed it can attach to another ship that player controls with the ability Combine and add 1 Die roll to it’s attack.
-SSE has special ability Evasive Maneuvers. Player rolls one ten sided die instead of one six sided die for all maneuverability rolls.

Commander Abilities
-Strategy-A Commander increases the amount on a maneuverability roll by 1 if the roll is a natural 6.
-Invigorate-A Commander increases the amount on an attack roll by 1 if the roll is a natural 1.
-Full Throttle- A Commander increases the amount on a maneuverability roll by a total of 3, but the ship loses 1 Attack die.
-Focus Firepower-A Commander increases the amount on an attack roll by a total of 3, but the ship loses 1 maneuverability die.
-Repair- A Commander can restore 1 hull to any segment, but that ship cannot fire that turn.
-Last Minute- A player can play an upgrade on a ship during the designation step.
-Second Pass-A Pilot allows his fighter to attack once more, but at ½ of the attack dice.

Ship Abilities
-Shields-A ship has a second maneuverability roll equal to the shield value. Only large ships and space stations can have shields.
-Cloak-A ship has a second maneuverability roll equal to the cloak value. Only medium sized ships can have cloaks.
-EMP-A ship can negate Shields and Cloak abilities of one ship once per turn by rolling a six sided die and rolling a 1,2 or 3. Only fighters can have EMP.